Skiing in Italy

The south facing slopes of the Italian Alps offer more sun than any of its neighboring countries! From Courmayeur in the west to Cortina in the Dolomites in the east, Italy is sure to provide a taste of the “vita bella” for all who visit its slopes.  Well known ski areas like:



Why Ski Italy?

  • Food and wine – Where else can you ski and eat genuine Italian cuisine? Think about it.

  • Lots of sun and ridiculous 1980’s one piece ski outfits!

  • Accessibility – Resorts like Courmayeur are close to Geneva and Milan international airports, and Cortina is close to Venice international airport

  • Long ski runs and Europe’s best heli-skiing

  • Cortina d’Ampezzo – Home to the 1956 Winter Olympics is located in the Dolomites


If you are interested in Skiing in Italy, let us know and we will help you get your feet planted on one of these resorts!