The Game Changer in Sports Travel

At ProActive Sports Tours we do things differently than other sports tour companies.  From the very beginning, our co-founders Michael Green, Jeff Davis, and our dedicated staff of passionate travel experts have been “the game changers” in how a sports tour company should operate and serve its guests. We seek to change the lives of each player, coach, parent, and fan by bringing them closer to the local peoples and cultures they represent in a way that makes them better citizens of the world and more in touch with the unifying power of sport.  We are committed to take the hassle, stress, and wasted expenses out of team travel and to fill it with, fun, adventure, relaxation and peace of mind.

Here are just some of the ways ProActive Sports Tours is better than the rest:

Skip the middle man and buy direct:

As an IATAN certified, fully insured, professional travel company, ProActive Sports Tours is privy to wholesale pricing points that are unmatched in the industry; airline tickets, hotels, ground transportation, activites and more.  Other tour companies have to pay more to run their tours which means you pay more too.  Do not confuse an expensive tour with a higher quality tour.  Our tours offer the highest quality at the lowest price.

We run our own trips:

On a ProActive Sports Tour, you will be spoiled by our knowledgeable staff members who have a vested interest in the success of your team tour. Unlike other tour companies who act as a “middle man” and subcontract their tours to other companies or local guides, we meticulously research, customize, and run our own tours throughout Europe and Latin America.  We are the local experts and this guarantees the highest quality and service levels with optimal flexibility during your tour.

Our vast  network and planning expertise:

You’ve probably heard it before; someone tells you they have “a contact” or “know a guy” at a from a team in Europe.  While this can occasionally be a foot in the door, it doesn’t mean that you will be welcomed like family, nor does it mean that anyone knows how to handle the logistics, accommodations, transportation, and non-sport activities that make up such an important part of a successful team tour.  It also doesn’t mean that you will benefit from ProActive Sports Tours’ unbeatable pricing points. 

It’s all about the family:

Over the years, we have succeeded in creating the most loyal and dedicated tour guests in the industry, our ProActive Family of guests.  Each of our “ProActive Travelers” is a special member of the ProActive Family who knows how to get the most out of their travel experience and can attest to the differences between us and the competition.  We exceed our guests’ expectations at every turn and provide a life changing travel experience for all income and interest levels. 

Save money, travel in style, make new friends, and create lasting memories, that’s the ProActive way to travel!