ProActive Safety Guide

On each ProActive Travel tour, we hold ourselves to high safety standards and guarantee that our guests will have peace of mind during their adventures with us. Our guests should not stress about emergencies or have concerns about their safety abroad because that would take away from the quality of their experiences. To ensure that our safety standards are met, we personally visit every city, hotel, and venue before a trip starts to review its safety and quality. Our travel experts know our destinations well and know the safest areas for our guests to stay. For ProActive Travel's  athletic tours, we are aware that accidental injuries during sporting events may occur, and we train our staff to react and handle any emergency situation that arises. 

Although we are prepared to handle emergency situations, ProActive Travel attempts to prevent them by educating their guests at the beginning of their tour. Our trip leaders have found that discussing safety, including topics from pickpocketing to emergency contact information, with a tour group leads to a safer environment for everyone. 

To read more about safety on a ProActive Travel tour, contact us to receive our Emergency Action Plan.